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S-Type Minimal Side Outlet Siphon


The Minimal Siphon, which provides high capacity discharge with minimal dimensions, used with all our shower channels, enables high flow. Although minimal in size, it has an high capacity performance. This makes it ideal for narrow and small spaces. Thanks to its custom-designed patented form, it self-cleans dirt and debris using the flow rate of the water. Unlike classical siphons, it prevents the formation of odor originating from the drain with its special water curtain. The integral gasket in the body prevents liquid leakage.This siphon, according to the TÜV EN-1253 standards, offers high discharge rates with 48 Lt per minute. Its special minimal size makes it is practical for small spaces.

Minimal Sifon Yandan Çıkış

Vertical Outlet Siphon


​ High capacity bottom outlet siphon that complies with the 100 mm core diameter, thanks to its S structure, offers an absolute solution to the undesired odor leakage problems that may occur with the products equipped with traps. It prevents odors with its high water discharge capacity of 66 Lt and S structure. No integral seal fluid leaks. It prevents the odor problem caused by drying for a longer time thanks to its 30 mm water curtain and higher amount of water retention.

Minimal Sifon Alttan Çıkış
Horizontal Outlet Siphon

Horizontal Outlet Siphon


It is suitable for high water retention and high flow applications such as waterfall type shower heads. It prevents the odor problem caused by water drying for a longer time. It prevents odors with its high water discharge capacity of 60 Lt, water curtain of 50 mm, and S structure. No integral seal fluid leaks.

Spiral Sac Tutucu

Spiral Hair Holder


The spiral hair and dirt trap within shower channels on the same level can be removed, cleaned, and reused at any time. Its spiral structure ensures that the hair trapped by the drain is collected without hindering the water flow. There is no decrease in the water discharge flow rate. Fast and easy to clean. It has 40 mm and 50 mm diameter outlet sizes.

Odorless Dry Siphon

Y.8181 - Y.8155

After siphon and non-siphon usage, it prevents undesirable odor formation that may occur due to the fact that water has remained in the tank for a long time or dried over time. It also averts insects and bugs that may crawl back from the drains. Performs high-capacity water discharge. Equipped with an hair & dirt trap which does not hinder the siphon’s capacity. It has 40 mm and 50 mm diameter outlet sizes.

Odorless Dry Siphon

Odorless Trap With Flap


Optional trap with flap opens when water comes in, allowing water to drain, while preventing the forma- tion of odor originating from the drain. It prevents insects and bugs crawling back in.

Odorless Trap With Flap
Seramik Altı Yalıtım Flansı

Under-tile Water Leakage


Çap Ø50 mm çıkışlı izolasyon manşeti Duş kanalı ve noktasal giderlerle uyumludur. Bütünleşmiş sızdırmazlık membranı ile su kaçaklarının engeller. Kat betonu üzerine ikinci bir su gideri oluşturulmasını sağlar. Lamine edilmiş sızdırmazlık membranı tüm izolasyon malzemeleri ile uyumludur.

Yalıtımlı Hareketli Flans

Eccentric Flange


Eccentric drain head that can be precisely adjusted in all directions ensures a much easier installation. By moving the eccentric part, you can adjust your installation position.