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Evimetal, Turkey's first manufacturer of Inox bathroom products and also the sector leader for many years, has a design center accredited by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. This long journey, which started in Istanbul in 1967, has turned into a deep-rooted, strong and constantly developing culture in product design, mold making and manufacturing. Evimetal comes up with the solutions to the most complex and special needs of all users by offering more than 3000 alternative products with more than 100 models, 9 different colors and surface options in shower channels, drains, corner-finish profiles and towel radiators

Evimetal also offers individual solutions to the consumers, as it has of a fully integrated factory that is constantly developing.The company has many advantages provided by its 56 years of experience and well-organized, qualified production force.Its R&D team of 12 designers and engineers who won prizes at national and international competitions, its specialized sales team, and references are the driving force behind Evimetal’s success. As it has its own designers, Evimetal is able to solve any kind of problems beforehand and also manufactures products that are high-quality and cost-effective.Quality of the products are guaranteed by its qualified production force, its state-of-the-art machinery, and 1st class stainless-steel having the 304-316 quality certificate.Products approved by TÜV-Germany that conform with the EN-1253 and CE standards represent the quality mentality of Evimetal. As a precaution to the global logistics problems, Evimetal has created production centers in Turkey and Europe. It aims to meet the demands of different markets of the world by offering them a wide product range at different production locations.Its market share and reputation has encouraged and motivated Evimetal to expand into the global market.

Evimetal and its group companies export to all European countries, North America, MENA region, Caucasus and Central Asian countries. By this strategic decision, Evimetal has unconditionally assumed the responsibility of offering and timely delivering its qualifed products meeting the international standards at the best rates and in the best conditions to the construction sector, its network of global dealers and distributors.

Evimetal offers unconditional customer satisfaction to all its customers with its modern solutions. In 2021, Germany’s innovative brand Gruen which is in the sector of shower drain systems and profiles and Evimetal, the brand which stands out with its characteristic of being both, the first manufacturer and sector leader in Turkey, joined forces.


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