ZetLine Shower Drain 

Designed for maximum hygiene
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ZetLine draws attention with its framed and morphed steel tank. While the morphed internal structure increases the discharge capacity, it also allows dirt accumulated in the tank to flow into the plumbing. Also, its simple internal structure makes it easy to clean. As a levelled shower channel, it is suitable for ceramic-marble coating inside the cover. The hair & dirt trap inside the tank allows fast and practical cleaning to ensure a continuous usage.


V2A Stainless Steel

Easy Cleaning

Sloped & Weldless Body

Reversible Cover

High Flow Capacity

Easy Levelling

Zetline Perspektif Görünüm

Reversible Cover

For double-sided use, ceramic-marble cut to size is placed inside the top cover. With this double function, surface and drain are levelled.

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Zetline Set İçeriği

Siphon Options 

Minimal Sifon Yandan Çıkış

Horizontal Siphon 48 l/min 

Minimal Sifon Alttan Çıkış

Vertical Siphon 60  l/min


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