SlimLine Multi Modular Shower Drain

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SlimLine Multi 

Slimline Multi shower channel, although it is thin, it copes with a large amount of water. It is the most suitable and elegant solution for your spaces that require high water drainage, such as balconies, terraces, ventilation areas, pool sides. Condensed water flows easily from under your feet. Different body structure compatible with siphons with high evacuation capacity allows you to make the most suitable configurations for your projects.

Slimline Multi Ön Görünüş

V2A Stainless Steel


Easy Levelling

Easy Cleaning

Different Usage Options

High Flow Capacity

Slimline Multi Kesilebilir Gövde

Cuttable Body

With its cuttable structure to the desired length, it provides a variety of applications and special use according to your projects.

Height Adjustable Part

It offers precise working according to different height settings with its elevating apparatus compatible with screed heights (h: 60~100 mm).

Slimline Multi Yükseklik Ayar Parçası

Connection Parts 

Slimline Multi

Corner with Outlet

Slimline Multi

Middle with Outlet

Slimline Multi

Side Outlet

Slimline Multi

Corner without Outlet

Slimline Multi


Siphon Options 

Slimline Multi

Yandan Çıkışlı Sifon  48 l/dk

Slimline Multi

Vertical Siphon 60 l/min

Slimline Multi

Side Outlet   ​66 l/min

Slimline Multi

Vertical Outlet   66 l/min


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