SlimLine Shower Drain

High discharge capacity

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SlimLine slot shower channels, despite their slim bodies, handle with large amount of water due to large shower heads and rainfall type shower systems. Water flows easily under your feet. Cover and body structure in different sizes, compatible with siphons with high discharge capacity, are produced to provide the most suitable solution for your projects. It provides easy assembly with its central outlet body and 360 degree rotating siphon structure.

SlimLine Ön Görünüş

V2A Stainless Steel

Cuttable Frame & Cover

Easy Levelling

High Flow Capacity

Easy Cleaning

S type siphon prevents odor

SlimLine Kesilebilir Kapak

Cuttable Cover

SlimLine product line has 100-200 and 300 cm options, can be cut according to desired size, and offers tailor-made usage in your projects thanks to its application diversity.

SlimLine Kesilebilir Gövde

Cuttable Frame

The insulating finished body and the solid metal body with an integrated insulation band are designed to withstand heavy conditions and meet high flow rates.

Cover Options 

SlimLine Linea Kapak


SlimLine Natura Kapak


SlimLine Norma Kapak



Simply check all parts of product.

Slimline Set İçeriği

Siphon Options

Minimal Sifon Yandan Çıkış

Horizontal Siphon       48 l/min

Minimal Sifon Alttan Çıkış

Vertical Siphon 60    l/min

Yandan Çıkış

Side Outlet   ​66 l/min

Alttan Çıkış

Vertical Outlet   ​66 l/min


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