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Proline is professional solution for your projects, the metal tank structure of different lengths up to 120 cm ensures that it is firmly locked into the concrete and serves for a long lasting usage. With its gradual height adjustment piece, it allows you to make the desired height adjustment on the leveling concrete according to your project. While its insulation membrane laminated into the steel tank guarantees impermeability, it also conforms with all of your insulation materials. With its ceramic and marble cover options, you achieve the sense of wholeness in your bathroom and shower area.


V2A Stainless Steel

Easy Cleaning

Gradual Height Adjustment Set 

Reversible Cover

High Flow Capacity

  S type siphon prevents odor (thanks to water barrier with height of 25 mm)



Textile Laminated Flange

While the steel tank that has equal length with the cover, and its morphed internal structure make it easier to discharge under-tile water leakage, it also ensures safety against under-tile water leakage thanks to its flange with textile laminated on the tank. It is also compatible with all your insulation materials.

Proline tekstil Lamine Flanş
Proline ayarlanabilir Yükseklik Parçası

Adjustable Height Part​

Allows surface alignment with thin ceramic-marble by reducing the height of the internal part (8~18 / 18~30 mm).

Leveling Parts

Lower EPS parts ensure convenience in leveling the ground at different heights (65~95 mm).

Proline Tesviye Parçaları

Cover Options 

Proline Nova Kapak


(Reversible of Natura)

Proline Natura Kapak


(Reversible of Nova)

Proline Quadra Kapak


Proline Unica Kapak


Proline Nomina Kapak



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Proline Set İçeriği


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