HighLine Shower Drain 

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HighLine easily meets the expectations of high standards and hygiene enthusiasts. Impressive with its cover and frame having sharp edges with a 3 mm solid body, HighLine has a flawless appearance, quality craftsmanship and original design. Its high strength and morphed internal structure prevent accumulation of dirt, while its high capacity flow rate meets all of your discharge expectations.

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V2A Stainless Steel

3 mm thickness

Easy Cleaning

Stainless steel body part with sloped design
 (Self cleaning feature)

Perfect insulation performance,integrated sealing membrane

S type siphon prevents odor(thanks to water barrier with height of 25 mm)

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Spiral saç tutucuğı

Hair & Dirt Holder

Temizleme Aparatı

Cleaning Tools

Siphon Options

Minimal Sifon

Horizontal Siphon  48 l/min

Minimal Dikey Sifon

Vertical Siphon 60 l/min

Usage Options

Highline shower channel can be located different areas with different dimensions,
such asin front of the walls, middle of the shower areas etc.

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