AlfaLine Shower Drain

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Steel tank constructions with solid bodies serve for long-lasting usage. Zero surface shower channels include spiral hair and dirt traps that can easily be removed and cleaned for reuse. This highly satisfies the expectations of hygiene oriented users. Nova cover with its metallic look can be flipped horizontally and turned into Natura cover plate. You may apply your choice of covering material inside while continuing to maintain integrity and elegancy in your bathroom.

Alfaline Ön Görünüm
V2AStainless Steel

Reversible Cover

Highly Durable

Easy Cleaning 

S type siphon prevents odor (thanks to water barrier with height of 25 mm)

Spiral Hair Trap

Cover Options

Alfaline Nova Kapak


(Reversible of Natura)

Alfaline Natura Kapak


(Reversible of Nova)

Alfaline Aira Kapak


Alfaline Quadra Kapak


Alfaline Unica Kapak



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