TrendLine Shower Drain

Self Tiling Cover

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TrendLine shower channel, which is an extremely hygienic and patented product that can be easily used for bathing areas, is designed for those who want easy application and healthy solutions in modern bathing areas. Like any other shower channels of Evimetal that can be conveniently used in front of a wall or in the center of a shower area, TrendLine shower channel can be cut in desired size and used wall-to-wall. With the TrendLine self-tilting cover, the water flows easily into the drain system. You only need to wipe the cover surface with a damp cloth.

Self Tiling Cover

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V2A Stainless Steel

High Flow Capacity

Odorless S type siphon, Ø50 mm Outlet & Input 48l/ min

Easy Cleaning

Perfect insulation performance, integrated sealing membrane

It can be cut and adapted to any desired size between 60-100 cm


Easy to Cut

It can be cut and adapted to any desired sizebetween 60-100 cm.

Hair Trap

Hair and undesired pieces are trapped thanks to the hair trap. It is extremely easy to remove and clean.


Siphon Options 

Minimal Sifon

Horizontal Siphon 48 l/mi


Minimal Dikey sifon

Vertical Siphon 60 l/mi


Usage Options

TrendLine shower channel can be located different areas with different dimensions, such as in front of the walls, middle of the shower areas etc.

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