S-Sifon Floor Drain 

10x10 or 15x15 cm square floor drain
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S-Siphon Point Drain

Evimetal floor drains draw attention with their ultra-thin frames, aesthetic appearance, easy application and safe structure. Thanks to its horizontal or vertical outlet siphons with an insulating membrane, it guarantees impermeability. Water screened anti-odor fermature and flap options, with its spiral-shaped hair catcher, while minimizing the maintenance and cleaning times, offer you great comfort. In addition to different inox cover options to be positioned in thin frames compatible with height differences, it allows to produce excellent solutions with the option that allows tile piece placed inside of the frame.​

S - Sifon Yer Süzgeci


S - Sifon Yer Süzgeci


S - Sifon Yer Süzgeci


S - Sifon Yer Süzgeci

Natura (Inox Side)

V2A Stainless Steel 

Perfect insulation performance, integrated sealing membrane​

Ø50 mm Outlet

Easy aligning through levelling part​ 

Zero odor with odor preventing systeme

Special protector cap blocks particles to fall to the drain​

S - Sifon Yer Süzgeci

S - Sifon Yer Süzgeci

Natura Usage

Nova cover with its metallic look

can be flipped into natura cover plate.

S - Sifon Yer Süzgeci
S - Sifon Yer Süzgeci

S-Type Horizontal Odorless Siphon 

 Self Cleaning 

 High Flow Capacity 48 l/min

 Minimalist form

 25 mm water seal

Easy Align

Specially designed patented levelling part helps to align tiles and floor drain cover easily. First insert stainless steel cover and frame into the levelling part, then start to tile. When tiling is over, easily take it out.

S - Sifon Yer Süzgeci


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